Two or more judges combine scores to mark each horse or bull up to 50 points for bucking ability and each cowboy up to points for riding skill and style. Rough stock is a wild eight-second ride on a bucking bull or horse.  Once the chute gate is opened the judging begins, the rider cannot touch himself, the equipment or the animal with his free hand. Points are awarded for the bucking pattern and power of the animal, as well as the rider's strength, control and spurring action, The animal and rider can each accumulate up to 50 points over the eight-second ride. 


Many rodeos hire or have volunteers to ensure that people park appropriately (rodeo fans parking and contestant parking) so there is room for the fans and the contestants.  Coordinating the contestants can be a challenge with the large horse trailers the cowboys use today.  Contestants want in early and out as soon as their event is done -- especially if they are heading to another rodeo.  Dealing with a range of very cooperative and polite cowboys and rodeo fans to, frustrated, angry, and even pompus people can either make this a job for a person with great organization skills and thick skin. 


Security has become one of the most important roles at rodeos. From fans wanting to enter the contestants or restricted areas, to crowd issues and keeping a watchful eye on the rodeo stock overnight -- this group keeps busy.   RODEO ASSOCIATION DIRECTORSA group of very dedicated people working together to bring rodeo together. RODEO 


There are several kinds of photographers at a rodeo, from fans taking great memory and selfie shots to professional rodeo arena photographers who get out in the dirt to get that great shot, plus media photographers who are looking for the best shots for their media outlet.  These folks have a great eye for those unique shots that can either show the sheer determination of the contestant and the animal, the slump of defeat and the excitement of the crowds and behind the scenes. 


This group is a highly skilled and trained team of people who not only love the sport of rodeo, but are the caregivers who help rodeo athletes by providing care enabling the competitors to be at their best.  Sports medicine is not just first aid treatment, it ranges from athletic therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care.  


Animals sometimes need to have a helping hand or be checked out to ensure that they can perform.  All BCRA rodeos must have a vet on site or on call during the event.  Like a professional athlete, the rodeo stock and event horses are trained to perform their best.  With great conditioning of the animals and quick response to any injuries, these animals can continue their events throughout the season.


This is thrilling rodeo event where a three-person team works together to slow a running horse, calm it down, saddle and then ride it around a barrel -- all while avoiding a collision with the other teams and horses in the arena.Do you enjoy a challenge? Local entries are welcomed with entry dates two weeks prior to the rodeo. There are plenty of BC events, so consider a rookie membership and compete for championship buckles. More information is available on the Canadian Wild Horse Racing Association website at